Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Calliope Muse is up and running ;-)

Following Mondays' email to every single person I have in my Gmail contacts, I would like to mention that I have had one phone call from the Placement and Careers office to provide them with an update version of my CV and another from a friend I haven't seen in a goood while commenting how she agrees in open source projects! uhhh...I am tempted to start an article about the OLPC (One Laptop per Child) project now see if they finally managed to reach their destination

Google ranking is very good at the moment. I promise you can google my name and you can come up with Calliope Muse! (-Greek version is coming soon!!) Yahoo on the other hand has more of a "long memory" spitting up some of my 1sth year work even!!

( and by the way, this is the website that I have used for my optimisation: Search Engine Optimization)

Oh well, I found something interesting today after all...look
John Hutton's Glass Engravings inspired by Calliope Muse ;-)

So, to those who missed it or took it for junk this is what the email included:

"Please DO NOT open the website on Internet Explorer, please prefer ANY other browser than that, so that you can experience the full beauty of it without IE crashing up lightbox, eating up content and framing whatever picture it decides to frame!

Firefox 2

This will know be my online portfolio where you can find some information of my best Multimedia Projects and links to my flickr and Picasa sites for photography and illustration activity.

You will also find a brief note about me & about the way that I have designed this site; as well as a wealth of useful links for web designers/developers , photographers and a variety of other interesting websites. Last but not least is my contact page were you can download my Vcard on your outlook email client.

There is a list of Viral Marketing campaign- according to the requirements of our most recent assignment, hence you will see Top 7 list of Murphy's Laws linked with my www.digg.com account as well as my partners design website according to the requirements of r this very assignment.

If you have any suggestions, comments or feedback about improving the page or any code to make the web page display properly on IE, you are more than welcome!!!

P.S: you might also find that you need Adobe Reader and Adobe flash Player to view some of my portfolio content, therefore I am providing you with the relative links here.

Thank you very much and of course..."

Enjoy reading...

Calliope Muse

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